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7 Things You Should Never Do With Thinning Hair

2 MINUTE READ by Danielle Bennett

December 1, 2022

Hair thinning can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes it's a consequence of chemical abuse or excessive styling. Sometimes, it’s a natural occurrence of aging. Other times, it follows a stressful event (a condition known as telogen effluvium).

Whatever the cause, thinning hair is extremely fragile. It’s important to give it extra TLC and avoid mistakes that could make matters worse, so please read on...and discover what to side-step.

1. Using Too Much Product

Thinner hair tends to lay flat, so using products that help to create volume and fullness makes sense. However, using too much can backfire and weigh strands down, ultimately leading to breakage. Less is definitely more.

2. Neglecting Your Scalp

Failure to care for your scalp leads to excessive buildup, infection and exacerbated hair loss.

But, keeping it clean increases blood flow and promotes good PH balance, providing a healthy foundation for hair to grow. 

3. Wearing Tight Hairstyles

While we all love the look of snatched ponytails, taut braids and twists, the breakage from ongoing tension can further damage thinning hair. It’s even worse when the hair is manipulated while wet or damp, so ease up on slicked back looks and sculpted “baby hair” styling.

Instead, embrace wearing your hair down more often and opt for gentler hair accessories like cushioned elastics or claw clips. They minimize friction and breakage.

4. Wearing Pin-Straight Hair

Super straight strands may look absolutely gorgeous on the right head of hair, but it’s an extremely unforgiving style for thinning locks.

Switch to tousled, textured looks and allow natural curls and coils to take center stage; their natural fluff disguises thinning hair.

5. Using Chemically-Laden Hair Care Products

Shampoos and conditioners made with harsh silicones and sulfates have a tendency to cause excessive hair shedding, compounding the challenges of already-thinning hair.

Consider a plant-based, gentle approach to cleaning and fortifying your hair, as natural ingredients can smooth, condition and restore without any wear-and-tear.

6. Hiding from the Hairdresser

Many people feel embarrassed about hair loss, to the extent they don’t want anyone looking at it, including the hairdresser.

You’d be surprised by the things you and your stylist can do to make the best of your hair. A strong haircut, a color change and clever root-filling techniques can help hide the issue and make your hair feel fuller, so don’t be afraid to chat with your hair pro. 

7. Don’t Self-Diagnose Your Thinning Hair 

When it comes to hair loss, being your own doctor can work against you. Several factors and variables might be at play, so a proper diagnosis from a dermatologist is best. 

At the same time, ignoring your thinning hair is also a bad idea. Several types of hair loss are actually reversible, so it's great to know your options.  If you need to find a dermatologist, start here.

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